Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Picks

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Fashion picks for Spring/Summer 2017

Any Bomber Jacket:
It's a shameless dupe, but I LOVE this jacket.

I've been raving about souvenir jackets for a few seasons now,  particularly those of a certain Italian design brand.  Now, it seems that everyone has jumped on this trend's lovely bandwagon, with bomber-style jackets of every material showing up on runways (and sidewalks) around the world.  I adore this because the bomber style is such a classic, and whatever choice you make will be a forever addition to your closet.  Adding unique pieces to my collection -- pieces I know I'll love long after a trend passes -- suits my slow fashion mindset.

My pick for fall  and pick for winter both fit right into this season, but I've found even more choices.  You can find jackets for literally every price range, so the time has never been better for adding what I consider a staple to your wardrobe.  Here are a few that caught my eye:

Bohemian Statement Print Pieces...
(or just lots and lots of pattern mixing.)

Shop for this dress right here.
Forget everything your mother ever taught you about what does and does not "go together" in fashion.  Mixing things up is very much encouraged, so go ahead and blend stripes with florals (with plaids with geometric prints, with other florals...) even if it makes you dizzy and makes your mother swoon.

While I'm not a huge fan of extreme pattern mixing, I love the many choices of bold, bohemian statement pieces that accompany this trend.  There are some incredible florals out there these days, and I plan on gathering a few new goodies before the powers-that-be decide minimalism is "in" again.

The beautiful red floral dress to your right is a perfect example of a statement print in bold colors that can layer with other patterns, or stand on its own.  A plus?  It's made by my favorite ethical fashion brand Karina Dresses.  (I covered this wonderful company in detail here.)
Made in the USA by seamstresses earning a living wage, these gorgeous, classic, easy-to-care-for, travel-friendly dresses are great for every body type.  There is a vintage vibe to many of them, with classic A-line and wrap style dresses galore.  The example to your right is just one of Karina's many new prints for Spring 2017.

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Feeling bold in one of my Karina dresses

Happy Spring, style contrairistas!

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